Friday, August 12, 2016

G2 Outdoor Activity Centre Aviemore, Scotland

White Water Rafting, Canyoning, Gorge Walking, Ski Mountaineering and Zip Trek!!!

What more could you need for a cracking holiday or day out in Aviemore and the stunning  Cairngom national park, with some awesome and stunning venues from the Bruar Canyon to the Bridge of Brown gorge these are some of the best places to get stuck into the national park and interact with nature, Literally!!

Based in Aviemore and the Cairngorm National Park we are the number one outdoor activities centre with an established reputation for good quality outdoor activities.

Our guides have gone through the UK canyon guides qualification and are the only guides in the Aviemore area to do so, so if you are after a quality canyoning or gorge walking experience then check the provider you are with are qualified UK canyon guides.

We not only love canyoning and gorge walking but we love white water rafting, the river Findhorn is our river of choice and is usually flowing through the winter months however it can be too low in summer months depending upon rainfall so we will either raft you down the river Spey or if it's extreme excitement you are after we will take you canyoning.

And if that's not enough to satisfy your outdoor thirst then when not try our Zip Trek Adventure Park based on Alvie Estate, with over 2km of zip wires the course is made up of 14 zip wires ranging from very small to 550m long. check out the video:-

And we also do winter but that's another blog...................!

So for some mad outdoor activity madness call us on 01479 811008 or email on

Tuesday, July 19, 2016

G2 Canyon ninja training continues.......

UKCG single pitch canyon guide assessment

G2 sent three intepid staff to Kinlochleven on the west coast to be eaten my midges and be tested as canyon guides. Bastien, Conner and Kevin attended a UK Canyon guide "single pitch guide" assessment run by Ben Starkie. Involving two days testing personal and leadership skills in enclosed steep rivers. 

Day one was a personal skills day and started with a speed test tying knots and zip line making (guided abseils). Once proving themselves not to be total numpties they headed off to do the awesome "Van Halen" canyon followed by Bob the canyon dog barking for stones. After they proved how little time they could hold their breaths diving deep down for lost kit, they were whisked off to the much more committing and scary "Grey mares tail" canyon. A much more enclosed canyon with more serious problem solving and a two pitch 80 metre abseil out of the water fall it self.

Back to base for our exam paper with much whispering....then dinner, beer, pool, AC-DC and drone destruction.

Day two was the group leadership test day with real live clients.......well, volunteers. 
They elected to do the Nathrach canyon. A fun adventurous trip which an be spilt into three separate sections. With big fat rain drops coming down they started to move quicker until the final 45 mins got huge and they evacuated out before the end but not before some hairy situations and high flows. 
In the end it was a great test of leadership for the boys and everyone passed with a cool new UKCG tee shirt which they haven't taken off since.

Below are some pictures of the course. The guys rated it as one of the best delivered and most testing assessments they have yet done. Well done Ben.

Conner and Bastien check out Inshree falls on the night before the assessment

The speed knot test!!

Guided abseil, beast!

The final abseil at Grey mares tail.

Bob the canyon dog, buying shots

The poor volunteer clients at the start of Nathrach canyon.

Bastien gets a sketchy multi pitch abseil for this first leader section and nailed it!

Patient clients, thanks guys

Double bum slide abseils are not graceful


Watch the fear in his eyes abseil after a 10 meter (30ft) jump and then abseil, notice a tiny Frenchman over his shoulder, keeping things metric.

The innocent smile of someone who doesn't realise the river is rising.... fast!

We all jumped from the tree on the left into the pool above the falls, had to catch clients and then abseil them down the falls. A very exciting section!

Looks like an innocent wee slide

Watch while people spin round and round till they are roped out. Our Guide Kevin went round eight times, saw his life flash before his eyes and finally swam out under water......scary.

Legends........and Ben....

The final section had a sting in the tail. A tensioned diagonal was used to escape the flooding canyon. Poor Kevin feared for his life again trying to swim across with the rope.

10 minutes later they were out and looking at the torrent below!

Back to Vertical descents in time for tea and medals. Even the toilets are positive thinking kind of places thanks to inspirational posters.

Thanks to Ben Starkie our canyon guru, Mike Gale our lifestyle guru at G2 Outdoors, Bob the canyon dog for slimy balls and all at Vertical descents.

Big congrats to Bastien "Non" Demange, Conner "Beast" Black and Kevin "fear of death" Maule on becoming canyon get to work!!!

Remember..........Danger never sleeps and Drones and tequila don't mix!

Friday, July 8, 2016

Outdoor Activities Aviemore G2 Outdoor

Summer is here and as always we are running our awesome weekly summer programme, not only are we still the original and best in the area we are still the best priced for families with kids half price if part of our weekly programme.

So if you are after an awesome summer of fun and fancy some Canyoning, White Water Rafting, Gorge Walking or zip trekking give us a call in 01479 811008

Monday, June 27, 2016

Aviemore summer activity program 2016

Summer is up and running, the BBQ's are fired up and team are ready for messing about on the water.
Monday and Wednesday we will be running Gorge walking trips suitable for all.
On Tuesdays our "Paddle Puffer and Pint" trips involve splashing and rafting from Aviemore to Boat of Garten and back on the steam train with lunch or just a family float trip down the river
Thursday we get more gnarly and go Canyoning. We use natural slides, jumps and abseils to get down adventurous rivers.
Friday is our white water rafting day and if the rivers are too low we can always go canyoning.

Come and give it a go.

Sunday, February 7, 2016

Telemark Freebee coaching Wednesday's are back!

This Wednesday we will be running our freebee telemark/get together/lessons/instruction/blast around/lessons not happening if powder, for all you budding telemarkers looking for telemark tips or just to come for a blast around the slopes.

Usually we will do telemark coaching in the morning then a blast around the hill together in the afternoon, unless there is powder as we all know there are no friends or non-paying clients on a powder day!

Meeting time is very roughly 9:30am at Cairngorm Mountain day lodge for coffee and bacon

Saturday, August 22, 2015

The Mighty G2 Outdoor machine rattles on!

Well it's been another bonkers busy crazy summer packed full of clients doing stacks of outdoor activities, the zip trek park has been rammed full typically booked out 5 days in advance and it's been great to get our weekly programme of water activities full most weeks. 

Our weekly outdoor activities programme has been operating for 10 years and allows families to drop in and out of through the week, from gorge walking/swimming and our Paddle Puffer and Pint trip at the start of the week for younger families to our full on Canyoning and White Water rafting for older families at the end of the week.

As always we couldn't have done it without our staff, the guys and girls that work for us are awesome and as we say at G2 Outdoor the greatest asset to any business is it's staff and how well they are trained. We have been very fortunate to keep hold of our staff which enables us to keep delivering the same high quality product every year. Our staff structure has remained the same for the last few years with a few tweaks to the model due to the Zip Park becoming an all consuming beast!! So:-

Still at the head of the business Nick and Mike who have turned into even more useless figure heads that actually do no work now they have staff. 

Nick has moved more into running the zip trek park as this has become the biggest part of the business and needs full time managing however we have mangaed to drag Nick out kicking and screaming to do some of the other activities this year and we've even managed to get him out kayaking again! 

Mike is still trying to avoid work by pretending he is doing social media work when actually he's facebooking all day, still obsessed with paragliding despite the weather being pants this year!

So Our staff this year based at the Unit in Aviemore delivering mainly Canyoning, rafting and gorge walking have been:-

Sarah who has been with us for 5 years and is in charge of the day to day running of everything and is our ops manager (Oops manager!) Who use to be a gnarly kayaker and outdoor ninja until she found the office chair, coffee and cake facilities. 

Conner has been with us for a couple of years and is our hyper daft spaniel trainee that has to back flip every jump and raft trip.

Kev Maule has come on board this year as our chief instructor but is actually Conner's trainee (according to Conner), Kev is renowned throughout the world for his lazy chat, slight campness and ability to be way late back from every session than everyone else.

Bastien is French

Tomas has been with us for a couple of years in the past and has made a two week comeback to help us out this year, Tomas is mad.

Olly Bowman has also helped us out as freelance member of staff, Olly is also the best Canyon guide in the world

Thanks must go to all our staff for being awesome and also special!

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Canyoning in Scotland is awesome!!

We are as always still mad about canyoning and the season has got off to a great start with plenty of groups heading to the Bruar and Laggan canyons although the Laggan canyon has more snow melt making it very chilly so we are sticking to Bruar Canyon at the moment. 

We have been doing plenty of staff training this year with most Thursdays dedicated to Canyon training and we have been training our current staff but also new freelance staff within the local area that may become potential G2 freelance staff. We are training our staff to potentially complete the UK canyon guide single pitch award whuich is the only dedicated award in the UK that allows staff to lead Canyoning and gorge walking without any site specific training.

For more information to go canyoning get in touch with us at G2 Outdoor 01479 811008

Friday, February 20, 2015

Things to do in Aviemore and the Cairngorm National Park

It's still winter time but it doesn't mean the only thing to do in Aviemore and the Cairngorm National Park is ski and board there are still lots of other things to do such as our mighty Zip Trek Adventure park which has been going down a storm especially as the ski areas have been storm bound, check the awesome video of our zip park:-

We also do a whole range of activities such as white water rafting, canyoning, gorge walking and ski mountaineering through winter, check out the video of activities:-

So if you are bored and looking for things to do in Aviemore call on 01479 811008

Friday, January 30, 2015

Additional Ski Mountaineering courses!!!

Due to demand on courses and good snow conditions we are putting on more ski mountaineering courses:-

Introduction to Ski Mountaineering Course14th-15th feb

Avalanche Awarness Course 22nd feb

Avalanche Awarness Course 1st March

Introduction to Ski Mountaineering Course 7th-8th March

Intermediate Ski Mountaineering Course 14th-15th March

We also do bespoke courses to suit your level and guiding days if you just want a guide to show you the best spots.

At G2 Outdoor we pride ourselves on getting away from the ski area on courses and our guides are all passionate skiers with an ISIA (International Ski Instructor Association) qualification so you won't end up with a guide who is just a mountaineer with skis on his/her feet, you will end up with a guide who is a ski mountaineer that likes to smash the backcountry/side country/front country with a massive grin on his/her face :-)


To book on a course or to arrange a date outwith the above then give us a call on 01479 811008 or email on 

Sunday, January 25, 2015

Ski Mountaineering, Avalanche Awarness, Ski Touring Navigation and Ski Technique for Ski mountaineer Courses

Ski mountaineering season is well under way with some good early ish ski and split board tours in the Scottish highlands being had. With good cover down to vehicle level in certain places it's skins on at the car and away we go without having to walk in for an hour with our skis on our rucksacks and with more snow forecast from mid week onwards with potentially calm weather next weekend then it's time to dust off the skis if you haven't done already and get out!
If you are unsure of going into the hills on your skis or want to brush up on some skills then we do bespoke courses to suite your needs, from ski technique to avalanche awareness courses these can be one day or more courses.

At G2 Outdoor we pride ourselves on our skiing background although we have a mountaineering background we are ski mountaineers for the skiing and will always seek out the best lines whether you are an alpine skier, telemark skier or a split boarder.

As part of G2 Outdoor our ski mountaineering school has been running for over ten years and we will try our best to pass on our knowledge of staying safe and enjoying yourself in the hills.

We also do ski guiding so if you just want to do backcountry and be guided to find the best lines then give us a call on 01479 811008 or contact us on

Monday, December 29, 2014

G2 Outdoor Telemark freebee clinics and get together are back!!!!

Hopefully this year we will run our freebee telemark clinics for those wanting to progress or be introduced to the best way to slide around on snow, these will run every wednesday from the 14th January depending on the weather!

These used to be open for local instructors to the Cairngorm ski area but we are opening this up to anyone who is keen or daft enough. We also take anyone who is keen to progress through the BASI telemark scheme and is looking for additional training. ALL WELCOME.

Sessions are pretty lose and open so don't expect anything too formal, we meet at 10am in the Cas Bar on Cairngorm and do a couple of hours of coaching and then after lunch it's just a blast around the hill keep up session!!

We don't have any hire equipment so you are just going to have to beg borrow and steal.

If you are coming then we like to get an idea of numbers so facebook message us or call and leave a message on our answer phone(as we are out playing through winter) 01479 811008

Sunday, December 14, 2014

Zip Trek and Adventure Activity Vouchers

A great stocking filler for this xmas the zip trek vouchers are £25 each and the adventure vouchers are £60 each:-

To purchase email

Thursday, October 2, 2014

Zip Trekking is amazing we have proof!

Well that's the first year of the full zip course being open and what a season it's been, so thanks must go to everyone who has been on the course this season and flown like mad zipper things through the forset on Alvie Estate.

So why is Zip Trekking amazing?

  • Not only have we filled every space for zip lining  this summer but we've had to put on extra evening zip treks to cope with the demand
  • Our trip advisor page has only just gone on to TripAdvisor and this year we have gone from 7th place for things to do in Aviemore to 3rd place and there is really stiff competition in Aviemore, G2 Outdoor is number 1 ;-)
  • It just is amazing!!
So watch out for next years developments on the zip park such as night zipping and lunch zipping high in the trees.

For more information on the zip park please visit  or call 01540 651777